The Wool Warrior Project

We recently interviewed Abbie Keenan – a Fashion Communication student at Heriot Watt University, Scottish Borders Campus.


We are proud to say that Abbie approached Sinclair Duncan to use our products as part of her third year project brief. Twenty year-old Abbie, originally from Glasgow, was asked to contemporise the way wool is promoted within the fashion industry and come up with an entire outfit using only wool, breaking away from traditional styling.

We interviewed Abbie on a rainy Thursday afternoon, in a small independent quirky café in the West End of Glasgow. The weather may have been terrible but the company was great…

Why did you decide to study at Heriot Watt University, Scottish Borders Campus?
I chose to study at Heriot Watt because it is the only University in Scotland that has a Fashion Communications course, and also, because it has a great reputation within the industry. A lot of students that have graduated from Heriot Watt have been very successful in their careers within the fashion industry.

What do you like about the Scottish Borders?
I like how it becomes over populated with the students during semester time; you get to know everyone quite well and really feel part of a community. It’s good to be surrounded by all the history and scenery and it’s nice to know it is a well-known location in the fashion industry from a textiles perspective with all the famous mills etc.


Do you have a favourite town/place/spot in the Borders?
I like Galashiels because it is like the ‘city’ of the Borders. It’s busy because of the University and I like that. Also, it has beautiful surroundings – on a sunny day or summers evening, it is a nice place to go a walk because of the scenic views you get of the green Scottish hills, and just of the Borders in general. As I am not from the Borders it is good to discover new places and I enjoy the peaceful change from the hustle and bustle of Glasgow.

So, you chose Sinclair Duncan to help with one of your University projects, what do you like about the Sinclair Duncan scarf range?
I discovered Sinclair Duncan at the careers fair at Uni where I first saw your scarf range and one of the things I liked about Sinclair Duncan was your unicorn logo. I think it is really trendy as well as historical which really suits your brand. Also, I think the colours you use for your scarves are very unique, even though you focus on Scottish heritage in many aspects of your branding, your scarves are still fashionable due to their colourful range, which is a really great balance to have.


You came up with some amazing looks using our scarves, what inspired you?
When I discovered that the Sinclair Duncan product range focused purely on accessories, I thought to myself ‘this could be interesting, why not try and style the whole outfit using only accessories?’ I felt styling was the best way to contemporise wool. I then just played about with draping, tying, pulling different colours of scarves together, until I came up with many different looks.

How easy was it to come up with each look using Sinclair Duncan scarves?
Very easy! The scarves are all different textures, you have the heavier scarves and the lighter scarves which make a great team together – they really complimented each other. Also, all the colours are interlinked making them very easy to work with as all the colours looked good together and really tell a story.

And they certainly do! Well done and many thanks Abbie, we look forward to seeing what you come up with in your Fourth Year at Heriot Watt University!

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